I have been working together with the executive team over the past 15 years to achieve one goal, which is adding value to our stakeholders.

We innovated new technologies, metering solutions and services that supported our customers across the globe to overcome their operational challenges, ranging from accurate energy measurement, improving the rate of revenue collection, reducing the level of non-technical losses as well as managing their consumers load during peak hours. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we developed the Service Provider Business Model whereby we provide our customers with functional services rather than just metering solutions. We take the responsibility of the various operational functions on behalf of our customers, ranging from Meter reading activities to Billing & Revenue collection as well as Load Management & Losses Reduction functions.

To ensure the effectiveness and quality of our solutions & services, we have built business partnerships and affiliations with world class providers of communication technologies and services.

Being a family business and to ensure the sustainability of our culture and values over generations to come, we have implemented the rules of corporate governance throughout the group. For the first time the group is Managed by a professional executive team who are lead by an independent board of directors to achieve value to all our stakeholders.

Finally, I would like to thank you for being our customers, because without you we could have never achieved our goal.