El Sewedy Electrometer Group EMG is a market leader in providing state of the art Metering solutions and Energy Management Services that are tailored to Manage Utilities Better. EMG is currently serving its customers in 58 countries around the world through 1,600 highly qualified and experienced experts based in 10 factories in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, India, Ghana, Zambia and Ethiopia.

EMG has the flexibility to offer its customers from standard metering products and solutions to more complex value added services and Energy distribution management agreements.

Over the past 15 years, EMG supported Utilities around the world in 58 countries, with metering solutions and Energy management services that helped them overcome operational challenges of Revenue collection, Losses reduction and Load Management, which lead to a better Asset utilization, improved efficiency and operational costs reduction.

EMG extended it’s efforts to support it’s customers to include project finance, turn key projects, technical service agreements, asset management, operation and maintenance, which enabled EMG to become a true long term business partner to most major Utilities in Africa, Middle East, Europe Americas and Asia.

EMG’s continuous investment in it’s technology and people together with the deep understanding of the industry and the regulatory environment in which it’s customers are bound to, has been the main reason behind it’s success in enhancing its customers capabilities and performance.

EMG’s constantly growing services spectrum and geographical footprint has been the main driver behind it’s Strategic investments, alliances, joint ventures and acquisitions to ensure serving Utilities around the world at their door step.