Zaki El Sewedy Holding

Zaki El Sewedy Holding was founded in 1938 as a supplier of electrical materials. In the 1960s, the Egyptian government elected Zaki El Sewedy Group to be part of the supply chain for the largest project at that time “The High Dam of Aswan”. Since then, it has evolved to include various subsidiaries in different market sectors including El Sewedy Electrometer.

Contracting & Services



  • Arab International Industrial & Trading Company “AIIT”
  • PolyTechnique Testing Lab.
  • Arab Power & Control Corp.
  • Arab Lighting Corp.
  • Arab Distribution & Marketing Corp.
  • El Sewedy Electrometer Group “EMG”
  • GAS Metro Industries
  • El Sewedy Engineering Industries “SEI”
  • El Sewedy Illumination Industries “SII”

El Sewedy Electrometer Group “EMG”

Sixty years after the establishment of Zaki El Sewedy Holding, Electrometer was established in Egypt.

In the ensuing eight years, Electrometer expanded its facilities in Africa to cover Ghana, Ethiopia, and Zambia respectively. With the success attained in Africa, Electrometer turned to globalization by establishing facilities in India, Brazil, and Mexico. In 2010, Electrometer acquired ZPA Smart Energies, based in the Czech Republic, to enhance its global presence by penetrating the European market.

With the ambition of driving markets and satisfying customer needs, Electrometer Group “EMG” invests heavily in its R&D design house giving us a competitive edge. EMG caters to the requirements of its various regions by designing flexible solutions tailored to individual consumer needs.

With more than 1.5 million meters produced per annum, EMG continues to optimize its productivity utilizing Lean and Six Sigma concepts.

Over the years, EMG has attained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certification.

With more than 19 million meters operating in five separate continents, EMG has forged its self a place as one of the top ten global players in the metering industry.